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Christmas Menu

Meat Choice: Turkey, Prok, Beef, Gammon, Lamb
Yorkshire Pudding Wrap: £5.50

Served with the meat of your choice, Dripping Roasters, Pigs in Blankets, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce & Gravy 


All Wrapped in a Home Made Yorkshire Pudding


Festive Sandwiches: £5.99

Served with Pigs in Blankets and Dripping Roasters


Christmas Dinner: Small £6.99,  Large £7.99

Served with Mashed Potato, Dripping Roasters, Pigs in Blankets, Yorkshire Pudding, Fresh Vegetables, Stuffing, Apple Sauce, Cranberry Sauce and Gravy

Christmas Afternoon Tea

Our Christmas Afternoon Tea is made to order – £28.99

Christmas Pork Pies

Christmas Celebration Cakes